I was inspired to be a planner growing up in my birthplace, Toronto. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It really is amazing to walk through its many diverse neighborhoods. I loved soaking up the wonderfully different sounds, smells and tastes. A trip through Greektown or Little Poland was like world travel without the jet lag. But what I found most interesting was that even though I could not understand many of the languages being spoken, I was still able to learn things about my neighbors just by watching them. The way they behaved, what they did and how they said things, revealed so much.

I believe the same is true for advertising. At times, too much emphasis is put on what people say. When we look beyond the scripted responses and look deeper, we uncover the truth. In my experience, this is where you find real human truths that inspire great ideas and drive true innovation.

Today, I have over 20 years of strategic planning experience with major multi-national advertising agencies and clients in New York and Toronto. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in just about any category you can imagine. Telecom, Mobile technology, Airline, Package Goods, Financial Services, Tourism…at agencies including Leo Burnett, Publicis and Saatchi & Saatchi.

In addition, I have extensive experience with brands on a global level where I provided the leadership to market to the entire planet; a process that presents special challenges that require universal insights and global cooperation. I have been fortunate to count Nokia, Samsung, Nestle, and Cadbury as some of the clients for whom I have orchestrated global brand efforts.

Finally, it is my personal philosophy that small groups of smart, motivated and self-empowered people can change the world. And it’s those with the best insight, instinct and courage that prevail.